The Retirement Plan or the CAREC (Supplementary Pension Insurance Agreement)
To provide your staff with additional income at the time of leaving the company but also to reduce the company turn-over by retaining your best employees.
The Pension Plan
To protect your loved ones by guaranteeing them a capital for their livelihood and to respond by the way to a moral obligation or an interprofessional collective obligation.
The IFC (End-Of-Service Payments) Insurance

The best way for the company to plan end-of-service payments of its employees according to the employment contract, the interprofessional convention, the company agreement or the employment contracts established. This type of insurance allows to cover oneself against cash jolts by making significant savings and enjoying substantial tax benefits, including the deduction of the business income contributions. Break free from any management concerns.

Note: Except for the End-of-Service Payments for which all contributions are deductible from the Business Income, employers’ contributions to other insurance schemes are also tax deductible under certain conditions duly specified in the General Tax Code.

Mutual Companies, Trade Unions and Professional Associations, enhance solidarity amongst your members by choosing our insurance, retirement and pension plans.


Retirement is often a cause for concern or stress. Avoid this situation by building a savings in order to guarantee you a supplementary pension. TARA ASSUR SA has it all covered, even the unpredictable due to the vagaries of life. In addition to the retirement capital acquired at the date of death, TARA ASSUR SA Retirement pays to the beneficiary(ies) a death benefit defined upon subscription.
Retirement is often referred to as a decline in living standards. Cover this period with confidence by choosing the amount of income you would like to receive at retirement and the period of collection (12, 18 or 24 months) upon subscription to TARA ASSUR SA Pension.
The future of your child is the most valuable asset. By securing the funding of his/her studies from now on, whether you’re alive or dead, you are offering him/her the opportunity to continue his/her education through the payment of an annual pension.

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